Large Scale Domestic Design


Our private domestic garden design service specialises in the use of natural materials in tandem with an ecologically driven planting approach. All of our new projects begin with a consultation for which there is a small fee depending on location. Owen will spend time with the client, take photos of the site and evaluate what is required and provide a written report. This will include a full explanation of the process, a breakdown of works required with their associated costs and finally a price for a full Design Concept.

We aim to use vernacular and locally sourced materials for all our projects, helping not only to improve the carbon foot print but give the design a sense of character and place. All gardens are different and some may require a full topographical survey in regard to level changes; buildings, trees, utilities and services may need to be recorded separately by a professional surveyor.

Many of our projects feature Biotopic planting, where we derive our core planting palette from regional and habitat specific communities. This core native planting is then supported with carefully selected non-natives species which help increase the biodiversity and flowering length of the plant community. This approach helps to create ‘living’ plant communities which have the robustness to react to changes in climate and weather at a macro and micro level; providing designs which are both low maintenance and high impact. Owen keeps the client involved at every step and works closely with them in all the choices and design ideas.

Once approved, the Design Concept is finally provided to the client whom may then have their own construction team appointed or we will send it out to two or three reputable landscape contractors with whom we have previously worked, for the client to choose from depending if we are acting as project manager.

Due to the commitment we offer and the intricacy of garden design, unfortunately we are unable to work on projects with a complete project value of less than approx. £60,000.