Landscape Design


Commercial Design

Established in 2004 the practice encompasses a wide-ranging set of skills and expertise to produce innovative and sustainable solutions for our commercial, UK and international clients.


Large Scale Domestic Design

Working closely with our clients is at the heart of our private domestic design work with sympathetic planting ecologically derived from the regional specific fauna.


Designing for Biodiversity

As the countryside evolves, changes and degrades, gardens are becoming more significant as habitats for wildlife and places for us to be able to appreciate it. ‘Biodiversity’ means many different life forms and for the domestic home this can be increased through choosing the right mix of trees and shrubs and flowers, taking care of mature trees with areas of natural decaying wood. Sources of water are highly valuable to add wildlife as are longer patches of grass this providing habitats and food for various wildlife creating a natural balance


The growth of interest in responsible travel or eco tourism is massively increasing as we continue to witness the negative impacts of mass tourism.

Sustainable/green or eco tourists seek areas of ecological interest or locations with natural interest adopting more environmentally friendly practices that support local communities and protect the natural and cultural impact of their footprint, leaving the least adverse effect possible.

Ecotourism is now considered one of the fastest growing tourism sectors focusing on long term sustainability creating not just a neutral impact but a positive one.